• BIM Services

    Take control of your construction projects and streamline your processes.
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  • CFD Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

    Flow Analysis | Coupled Fluid Structure Analysis | Environmental Impact & Assessment Studies | Plant Safety | Pollution Prediction
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  • Improving product reliability using Finite Element Analysis

    FE Modelling | Stress Analysis | Vibration Analysis | Heat Transfer Analysis | Linear and Non-linear Static Analysis | Structural Analysis | Mold Flow Analysis
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  • Mechanical Design & Detailing

    Helping customers build better & more reliable products through improvements in engineering efficiency, cost reduction and time-to-market.
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  • BIM Services

    Take control of your construction projects and streamline your processes.
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Our Engineering Solutions

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of diverse physical infrastructures, such as water and wastewater, buildings, roads, bridges, ports, tunnels, etc.

Using BIM we can help clients to get complete control of their construction projects and streamline processes throughout the buildings life cycle regardless of whether you’re designing sustainable houses or reimagining the infrastructure of entire cities.


From bridges, highways and tunnels, we leverage our expertise of providing Detailed engineering support to expedite the development of modern infrastructure facilities. Our team of civil engineers, architects, structural engineers and BIM specialists develop information rich 3D models, to enhance infrastructure design and construction processes.

Our additional capabilities in virtual testing using FEA and CFD approaches provide clients insightful information on the behaviour of infrastructure designs under different load conditions and structural strength.

Plant Design Engineering

Plant Design Engineers play a vital role in development or re-construction of Plants, related to Oil & Gas, Power, Fertilizers, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals etc.

The plant engineering and design industry is gradually evolving and incorporating the latest technological advancements in planning, designing, modifying, installing and maintaining various plant facilities, systems, equipment etc. Plant Design services are especially useful while designing mechanical, structural, instrumental, and piping designs.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a technique of solving fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer, and related phenomenon on a computer by solving the basic conservation equations of mass, momentum and energy.

These equations are very complex and highly coupled and are discretized and converted into a set of algebraic equations so that they can be solved using a computer.

Building Design & Construction

By using our experience with BIM, project stakeholders are able to remain informed at every level of development of their project – all the way from LOD 100 to LOD 500. We deliver CAD design and BIM support services for a variety of building types including retail, warehouses, institutional, healthcare, sports, government, Industrial and agricultural buildings.

We are able to understand the building owner’s requirements and specifications and with focus on detail we will deliver your projects within budget and on time.

Finite Element Analysis

Using FEA our clients are able to reduce product failures by catching product weaknesses early in the design process.

They are able to lower manufacturing costs by minimizing re-design and consequently go-to-market faster with a greater reliable product. Therefore, FEA becomes a cheaper alternative to prototyping and destructive testing.

Mechanical Design & Detailing

We deliver Mechanical Design & Detailing services including Computer Aided Design, 3D modelling, 2D to 3D conversion, Reverse Engineering and Tool & Fixture design.

Our engineers optimize the use of technology to help our customers build better, more reliable products while gaining improvements in engineering efficiency, reduction in cost and time-to-market.

3D Product Modelling

Using 3D CAD Modelling we help our customers design products more efficiently, reduce manufacturing costs, avoid costly design errors and bring their products to market faster.

3D Modelling also helps in improving cross-team communication and collaboration as well as more effective communication to customers and other external stakeholders.