• Simulations for electric Vehicles

    Battery Thermal Management | Vibration | Crash Simulation | Lightweighting | Electric Motor & Power Electronic Thermal Management
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  • CFD Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

    Flow Analysis | Coupled Fluid Structure Analysis | Environmental Impact & Assessment Studies | Plant Safety | Pollution Prediction
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  • Improving product reliability using Finite Element Analysis

    FE Modelling | Stress Analysis | Vibration Analysis | Heat Transfer Analysis | Linear and Non-linear Static Analysis | Structural Analysis | Mold Flow Analysis
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  • Mechanical Design & Detailing

    Helping customers build better & more reliable products through improvements in engineering efficiency, cost reduction and time-to-market.
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  • CAE for Automotive

    Powertrain | Transmission | HVAC| BIW/Vehicle Body | Seating System | Interior/Exterior | Underhood
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Industrial Equipment & Machinery

Industrial Equipment & Machinery covers a wide spectrum of machines used in Energy, Chemical, Power Generation, Material & chemical processing segments. Equipment needs to be designed for optimum performance, reliability in operation and durability. Equipment is also expected to operate in extremely harsh environments while making efficient use of energy. Our expertise lies in providing CAD & Simulation services to this sector.

Automotive Simulation

The Automotive & Transportation industry is undergoing rapid change. The race to create connected, autonomous, alternative fuel and environmentally friendly vehicles is fully on. The need to produce fuel efficient, comfortable, reliable & robust vehicles at affordable prices is creating enormous pressure on OEMs’ & suppliers’ ecosystems. Engineers continuously face challenges in the introduction of new vehicles as well as face-lift existing products. And simulation is poised to continue to play a vital and expanding role in the product development cycle.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a technique of solving fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer, and related phenomenon on a computer by solving the basic conservation equations of mass, momentum and energy.

These equations are very complex and highly coupled and are discretized and converted into a set of algebraic equations so that they can be solved using a computer.

Finite Element Analysis

Using FEA our clients are able to reduce product failures by catching product weaknesses early in the design process.

They are able to lower manufacturing costs by minimizing re-design and consequently go-to-market faster with a greater reliable product. Therefore, FEA becomes a cheaper alternative to prototyping and destructive testing.

Electronics Thermal Management

Day by day electronic products are getting smarter with more and more functionality packed into a reduced size which ultimately results in higher power density. Since all electronic components & circuitry generate heat, to maintain the performance, improve reliability and prevent premature failure of devices, electronics thermal management has become an inevitable part of the Product development process.

Electromagnetic Simulation

Electromagnetism is a highly complex phenomenon which can be observed by solving Maxwell equations. These equations are governed by Gauss Law, Faraday’s laws of induction & Ampere’s law.

Electromagnetic Simulation is technique of solving Magnetic, Electric Fields & Forces acting on Electro-Mechanical devices using finite element approach.

Mechanical Design & CAD

We deliver Mechanical Design and CAD Services including Computer Aided Design, 3D modelling, 2D to 3D conversion, Reverse Engineering and Tool & Fixture design.

Our engineers optimize the use of technology to help our customers build better, more reliable products while gaining improvements in engineering efficiency, reduction in cost and time-to-market.