Case Studies

CFD enabled design improvement of a submersible pump

Using CFD we characterized a single stage submersible pump over a range of flow rates and performed numerical analysis to match the pressure head and efficiency with existing data.

The result was modifications to the stator and impeller geometries for achieving higher pressure head and higher efficiency.

Resolving Field Failure of a Heat Exchanger using Simulations

A Heat Exchanger manufacturer was experiencing regular downtime caused by field failures. They approached us to find a resolution to the problem. Using simulation, our engineers performed a root cause analysis of the problem. We studied several what-if scenarios and after multiple simulation iterations we provided a solution within a few days saving them months of trial and error which would have been required to reach the same end result.

CFD led design improvement in valves

The goal of the project was to improve the efficiency of a valve by 15% and reduce design costs by reducing the number of physical prototypes required. Following a CFD-led product development processes we identified regions of cavitation and recommended design improvements to minimize flow loss.

3D modelling of complex assemblies and heavy structures

A heavy engineering manufacturer wanted to convert their drawings from 2D to 3D and to create assemblies of the 3D models. This work was challenging due to the complexity of the drawings and the relatively short time duration of time available for completing the project. A total of 7 assemblies, 14 subassemblies and 3200 parts were modelled. A simplified BOM was generated by using a proper parent-child relationship.

FEA Enabled design analysis of an Energy Storage Tank

The goal of this FE Analysis was to predict the safety of a Energy Storage Tank in an area prone to seismic loads. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was used to check the stresses in the tank and to design the anchor bolts to sustain full and empty tank loads under seismic loading condition.

Steel Structure Fabrication Detailing

A Steel Services Company in North America asked JILBEE Engineering to do the Structure Fabrication Detailing for one of their projects. The Scope of the project included Preparation of Shop Drawings (Assembly Drawings), Preparation of Gather Sheets (Part Drawings) and Preparation of Structural Steel MTO & Bolt Reports.