3D Modelling for Hydraulic Pumps


A leading Hydraulic Pumps manufacturing company based in North America had recently acquired another company in a similar line of business.

The challenge they faced was that all the designs of the products of the acquired company were in the form of paper drawings and had to be converted to 3D before they could be integrated in their product catalog.

Technical Approach

The drawings were a mixture of single components and assembly structures. All the models were created as per the input paper drawings in the specific software that the company wanted them in. As per the company requirement we had to first convert paper drawings to digital 2D format and then convert these into 3D models.

  • The default component (Base component) was called in the assembly and locked using the Fix constraint. Then for the remaining components, various contraints were used in order to complete the assembly.
  • Some of the contraints used were Touch, Align which were used for Face touch to align the axis and to block certain linear and circulatory motions.
  • The Concentric or Coincident constraint was used for matching the planes and locking all the linear motions. This way the component was fixed in its place and the only possible motion it could perform was the revolving motion.
  • This motion was also locked making use of constraints such as Angle or Mate.

Note: The constraints differ based on the software in which the 3D modelling is done. For this particular company we had to work across 2 different softwares.


  • Until the conclusion of this project all of the product drawings were in 2D and on paper. They were all converted into 3D models. They could now upload the products on their website and make them available in their product catalog.
  • Some of these models required FEA. Once they were all available as 3D models, this analysis became possible. Target models were imported in .step format and then the analysis was carried out.