FEA Enabled storage tank roof nozzle assessment based on ASME code


A tank fabricator in North America wanted us to assess the safety of a storage tank as per ASME Code. The customer was in the process of bidding for a project that has FE results of the equipment as a pre-requisite submission. The customer wanted Jilbee to work in a very challenging time schedule for completion of the FE analysis.

Problem Definition and Technical Approach

  • FE analysis was performed on the 3D model using ANSYS.
  • Stress linearization was perfumed in critical regions (regions of maximum stresses) to find out primary and secondary stress components as per required by ASME code.
  • Upon failure of structure in few regions, few additional members were proposed to strengthen the nozzle region.

Fig: Tank Roof Geometry


Fig: Proposed Additional Members


Fig: Nozzle Stresses

Fig: Stress Linearization


FEA analysis and post-processing in this project was performed.

Stresses and buckling factor were within allowable criteria as per ASME Codes, thus making the tank safe to use. Our report helped the customer submit his bid documents within the submission deadline.