Steel Structure Fabrication Detailing


The customer was a comprehensive design/build steel services company which delivers cost-effective building designs and building systems, aesthetic wall and roof systems and quality steel fabrication.


  • Updating/Creating the 3D model
  • Application of Connections in 3D model
  • Preparation of Erection Drawings
  • Preparation of Shop Drawings (Assembly Drawings)
  • Preparation of Structural Steel MTO & Bolt Reports

Project Inputs

  • Latest Structural Drawings
  • Drawing presentation requirements. (Drawing Template)
  • Erection Drawing Template (A1 Size)
  • Shop Drawing Template (A3 & A1 Size)
  • Report Presentation requirements. (Report Template)
  • MTO Template
  • Bolt Report Template
  • Client Standards – Sample reference Erection
  • Drawings, Assembly Drawings
  • Drawing Numbering System.
  • Drawing Specifications & Standards
  • Assembly Marking System.


  • Erection Drawings
  • Shop Drawings (Assembly drawings)
  • Steel MTO & Bolt Reports