How We Work

Jillbee`s Engineering Process

We have structured, well-defined and highly mature production processes which help us consistently deliver high quality and reliable solutions. Our production and project management methodology allows us to blend our processes with those of our customers to ensure a smooth partnership between us and the customer.

Project Preparation

  • Project kick-off meeting
  • Gathering of requirements
  • Feasability study
  • Identification of technology
  • Identify Risks & develop Mitigation Plan

Requirement Analysis

  • Detailed understanding of requirements
  • Define of Scope
  • Estimation of effort
  • Indentify of input data, sources, decision makers
  • Understand design guidelines and constraints
  • Define Workflow, commitments and decision points
  • Develop of Project Plan

Design & Development

  • D&D Kick-off meeting
  • Create Design Specifications
  • Create Functional Specifications
  • Solution Development
  • Delivery for Inspection

Inspection & Acceptance

  • Inspection in test environment
  • Delivery into client environment
  • Inspection in client environment
  • Client Acceptance
  • Documentation
  • Project wrap-up meeting