3D Product Modelling

Using 3D CAD Modelling we help our customers design products more efficiently, reduce manufacturing costs, avoid costly design errors and bring their products to market faster.

3D Modelling also helps in improving cross-team communication and collaboration as well as more effective communication to customers and other external stakeholders.

Improve Design Quality

3D Product Modelling - Jilbee Engineering

Using 3D design modeling greatly improves design quality because many human errors that can occur with traditional 2D design methods are avoided.

Better visualization reduces or even eliminates risks of component collisions, mismatching parts or incorrect quantities. 3D eliminates the need to visualize to scale and so reduces reliance on the human intuition.

Enable Concurrent Engineering

Through the sharing of 3D data, engineering and manufacturing processes can run concurrently. This will help decrease production time, improve productivity and enable faster go-to-market. 3D models can help us validate designs and optimize them for the manufacturing process.



Furthermore, engineering teams need to work closely with MarComm and Finance colleagues as well as other potentially non-technical people who may have a hard time processing 2D drawings and often have to wait till a first prototype is ready.

With 3D modelling intra-company communication can happen early in the design process and with fewer complications. Similarly, the production of customer presentations, websites, brochures, technical documentation, etc. can start much earlier in the manufacturing process with the aid of 3D models.

3D Models > BOM:
Automatically Generate Bill of Materials

The generation of a Bill of Materials and a Project Plan become greatly easier and less error prone with 3D models compared to 2D drawings. In 3D models items are represented as they occur and if the design is true to a life size model then the design can represent quantities with exact accuracy.


3D services we offer

We can take your sketches, handmade mockups, or just a vision in your head and we’ll turn it into a 3D Computer Model for your review. Our comprehensive list of services includes:

How we work

We can work with your existing 2D drawings and build 3D models from them. We can take ideas you have in your head or on scraps of paper or on a whiteboard and quickly build 3D models for visualizing.


3D Modelling Software Products we use

AutoDesk Inventor