Electronics Thermal Management

Day by day electronic products are getting smarter with more and more functionality packed into a reduced size which ultimately results in higher power density. Since all electronic components & circuitry generate heat, to maintain the performance, improve reliability and prevent premature failure of devices, electronics thermal management has become an inevitable part of the Product development process.

Thermal Management for Power Electronics

Power electronics is a technology that deals with the conversion and control of electrical power with high-efficiency switching mode electronic devices for a wide range of applications. Power electronics is gaining more importance in a wide range of fields like automotive, telecommunications, defence & aerospace and health care devices.

Our power electronics thermal management solutions include:

  • Performing thermal modelling of inverter and DC-DC converters based on wide-bandgap and/or high-temperature devices & support development of innovative cooling technologies based on air or liquid cooling of such devices
  • Investigating the impact of higher temperature on power electronics system components, including SGCT, SCGTs, SCRs, IPMs, IGBTs and Thyristors.

Thermal Management for Automotive

Electrification & Autonomous vehicles are hottest trends currently driving the Automotive Industry. Both these trends together with in-vehicle infotainment will require more electronic content in vehicles. This will lead to ever increasing thermal challenges for the systems designer.

Our experience in this field is extensive and includes thermal & airflow analysis of Body controllers, Instrument clusters, regulator rectifiers, displays, display servers, LED lighting systems & converters. We offer a range of air cooling and liquid cooling solutions for equipment to function under operating environments of on-highway & off Highway vehicles.

Thermal Management for Telecommunication

The world is highly dependent on telecommunication networks & equipment to stay connected. So it is critical to ensure continued functionality of the equipment by isolating sensitive electronic systems from extreme conditions including external heat, dirt & moisture. It is equally important to keep high heat generating electronics cool by removal of heat in an efficient manner.

Our telecommunication thermal management solutions are complaint with National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA) & other international standards. These solutions include:

  • Airflow Management of Telecom devices like routers, racks, trans receivers, base station controllers, Wi-Fi Devices
  • Design assessment of Board Level cooling solutions including heat sink, heat pipe, liquid cooling and conduction cooling designs


Thermal Management for Defense and Aerospace

Electronics has become integral part of new age military and aerospace applications. Virtually everything runs on board computers in the form electronic chips. These electronic components need to adhere to strict size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP) requirements meeting stringent industry specific standards.

We offer a wide range of thermal cooling solutions such as:

  • air flow-through modules and chassis
  • liquid-cooled chassis
  • conduction and air-cooled modules
  • air/air and liquid/air heat exchangers
  • cooling approaches, which include natural convection, forced air conduction, liquid flow-through, air flow-through, heat pipes, and spray cooling tailored for Industry.

Our expertise offers wide breadth of power and thermal options to meet the many needs of military and aerospace system designers and systems integrators.

Thermal Management for Healthcare Devices

There is nothing more precious than human life. Medical devices play critical role in saving human lives & increasing our life span. Today’s smart devices ranging from diagnostics tools to surgical equipment contain advanced electronic components & circuits. Miniaturization, increasing demand for precision & portability is increasing thermal cooling challenges faced by design engineers.

Our experts have a thorough understanding of active as well as passive thermal management systems. Our team helps in creating optimised thermal management solutions involving cooling fans, heatsinks, heat pipes, thermo-electric coolers, heaters, heat exchangers & cold plates.

We possess know-how of components, benefits & applications specific to the Healthcare Industry.