Industrial Equipment & Machinery

Industrial Equipment & Machinery covers a wide spectrum of machines used in Energy, Chemical, Power Generation, Material & chemical processing segments. Equipment needs to be designed for optimum performance, reliability in operation and durability. Equipment is also expected to operate in extremely harsh environments while making efficient use of energy. Our expertise lies in providing CAD & Simulation services to this sector.



Demand for energy worldwide is ever increasing & expected to grow exponentially in the coming decades.  The focus in the future will be on generation through mixed sources – fossil as well as renewal – to limit the impact on the environment. The world is taking a holistic approach to generating energy at lower cost & conserving it as well. Today the primary source of energy is Oil & Gas. While investing more in innovative technologies to increase production, the industry is also focused on improving effectiveness of existing equipment.

Our team has worked on upstream offshore projects like the Design & Analysis of Mooring Systems, Swivel Systems and Supporting Platforms, estimation of tightening torque through Finite Element Analysis for an oil drilling company & the assessment of design of lifting pad eye.

We also have expertise on mid-stream & downstream projects like CFD modelling of erosion in piping systems, checking structural integrity of different types of tanks, optimizing design of raw oil separators, CFD analysis of Gas dampers, etc. In the renewable energy sector, our engineers have played important roles in the assessment of wind nacelle, tower & working platform of windmills & helped optimize the structure of a solar panel and investigating temperature distribution on the solar panel.


In material, chemical process industry; process optimisation, reduction in emission & development of high value products, optimization of different types of equipment calls for innovation.

Our engineers have experience of working with equipment like pressure vessels, tanks, mixers, heat exchangers, fluidized beds, columns, filters, pumps, valves etc.  Our team has engaged into projects to resolve field failure by finding out root cause through CFD analysis of Heat Exchanger, modelling chemical reaction for NOx reduction in a chemical plant, improve performance of stir tank by assessing homogenization, predict effectiveness of changing impeller configurations on mixing performance and the study of dead zone in waste water processing plants. Our engineers are well versed with different codes & standards like API, ASME, CE & check if equipment design satisfies the criterions and suggest suitable changes in design. We have helped pump manufacturers improve performance of their pumps, blower manufacturers predict performance through various simulations. Our CAD team has enabled clients to migrate to new CAD platform by 2D – 3D conversions of CAD data.