Mechanical Design & CAD

We deliver Mechanical Design and CAD Services including Computer Aided Design, 3D modelling, 2D to 3D conversion, Reverse Engineering and Tool & Fixture design.

Our engineers optimize the use of technology to help our customers build better, more reliable products while gaining improvements in engineering efficiency, reduction in cost and time-to-market.

3D modeling

We offer 3D rendering and modelling services at different levels of complexity to help you improve design quality, better visualize what-if-scenarios, improve communication between teams and enable concurrent engineering.

Mechanical Design & CAD - Jilbee Engineering

Our Expertise »

  • 3D Modeling and rendering
  • Product designing
  • CAD drafting & CAD drawing
  • CAM design and drafting services
  • Exploded and top-down assembly drawings
  • Remodeling, resizing, and scaling of legacy drawings
  • Parametric 3D models different CAD Software

3D services we offer

We can take your sketches, handmade mockups, or just a vision in your head and we’ll turn it into a 3D Computer Model for your review. Our comprehensive list of services includes:

2D to 3D conversion

What would you rather have your engineers spend time on? Convert your old 2D drawings into 3D? Or design new products for your business? We can help take a load off of your shoulders and convert all your 2D drawings, blueprints and paper drawings into 3D for you. We have expertise and experience in migrating CAD drawings to all popularly used 3D products like Autodesk, Solidworks and Siemens NX. And your engineers can spend time on more important things.

Engaging your existing engineers for conversion of 2D Drawings to 3D can be time consuming and expensive. You can migrate all your existing CAD drawings to existing software and speed up your design process. We have qualified experts that can take up conversion and migration assignments of all levels of complexity.

We offer CAD conversion and migration services that can cover all your paper drawings, blueprints and files from other CAD software platforms.

Mechanical Design & CAD - Jilbee Engineering

Our Expertise »

  • PDF to DWG conversion
  • Migration from one CAD platform to another CAD platform
  • Conversion of legacy 2D CAD files
  • 2D to 2D AutoCAD DWG/DXF drawings
  • 2D CAD drawings to AutoCAD drawings

Reverse Engineering

If an existing product was designed from 2D drawings and now you need to make a 3D model of it, we could help you. We can collect data using a 3D Laser Scanner, Portable Arm CMM Scanner, CT Scanner or a White/Blue Light Scanner, feed it into a 3D software and develop the model for you. You could then use this 3D model for all future design improvements.


Our Expertise

Tool & Fixture design

For mass production of products, fixtures play a very important role for locating and supporting the work and need to be designed with utmost care and precision. Our mechanical engineers have a broad background in various manufacturing processes which they use to design and develop high precision tools without impact on required shape or profile. The extra attention we give to the quality of the design and manufacturing process will enable you to produce quality and reliable products at mass scale.

Mechanical Design & CAD - Jilbee Engineering

Our Expertise »

  • Injection Molding
  • Vacuum forming
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Molding
  • Press Tool
  • Design and Development of :
    • Checking Fixture
    • Welding Fixture